Semalt Review: An Awesome Screen Scraping Service

Web2DB is a powerful and useful screen scraping and data extraction tool. It works like a database builder and allows us to mine the information of different websites easily. This web scraper collects unstructured information from websites and HTML pages and organizes and structures it properly. You just have to tell what you want to search and how you want to format your data, and Web2DB will perform its task as per the instructions. The data can be saved in MySQL, CSV, Access and Excel formats. Web2DB has a wealth of features that make it the best option for webmasters, enterprises, businessmen, programmers, and coders. Some of its distinctive features are discussed below.

1. As a Project Editor:

Web2DB acts as a powerful and amazing project editor. Designing the web scraping projects is not easy until you have sufficient programming skills. But with Web2DB, you don't need to be a professional programmer or coder because you can perform your tasks without it. This tool will collect, edit, mine or extract your data. Plus, it assists in developing different data patterns that work perfectly even when the page layout has changed. All your editing and extraction related projects are accomplished with just a few clicks.

2. Easily Capture Entire Content Structure:

You can configure Web2DB to download the entire website or some of its pages. It easily captures entire content structure, giving it a superb form. You can either configure a few web pages or the entire site based on your requirements, but the quality of content is not disturbed at all. This tool is suitable for giant sites like Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and others. Web2DB has various advanced features and helps us optimize the web scraping performance. It is a reliable and comprehensive tool.

3. Submit Web Forms:

Using Web2DB, you can submit the web forms especially search forms and online booking forms without any issue. The forms can be submitted for all input values, and extracted data is obtained in the CSV format. You can also create keyword-based data using this program and submit your site to search engines for better indexing and crawling.

4. Deal with Dynamic Websites:

Another distinctive feature of Web2DB is that it can deal with both basic and dynamic websites. Most primitive scraping programs cannot extract readable content from the highly dynamic websites. Even the professional web scrapers have issues harvesting data from the AJAX websites, but Web2DB makes it easy for you to extract data from dynamic sites. You should bear in mind that the AJAX sites' data will take some time to get extracted.

5. Support different formats:

Web2DB can export your extracted data to Excel, Oracle, OleDB, MySQL, CSV, XML, and Excel. You can also use the export scripts to customize the data export if you possess the basic programming skills. Web2DB can export information to Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 too and helps you embed the images in your data comprehensively. This tool also provides spam protection, ensuring your safety and privacy on the internet.

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